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New website, Tri C Jazz and Gervasi

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new newsletter AND please take a look as I'm excited to announce the launch of my newly designed website!!   Thank you to Ron Higgins and his team at Cogneato for their amazing work on this.  Do take a look by going to and let me know what you think!

Last week the band and i travelled to Richmond Virginia to perform Superstar to a sell-out crowd. We were up at 4am Tuesday morning, arrived in Richmond at 10am, performed the show at 7.30pm, back to the hotel. Then we were up at 3.30am, back the airport and back in Akron by 9.30am - whew!!  Didn't know if I was coming or going on Wednesday!  

This Saturday I'm SO excited to be opening on the outdoor stage at TRI-C JAZZ FESTIVAL. We go on at 3pm and have planned a fast, furious and exciting 45 minute set to hopefully get things off to a good start.  Pray the weather Gods behave!!

Django and I went to a show this weekend and in schooling he was a teeny weeny bit naughty on Saturday afternoon but come Sunday monring had his 'game-head' on and was magnificent.  We jumped our last practice jump - a teeny fence only 2' 3" high and for some reason Django decided to show off and jumped it as if it was 5 feet high! About 20 minutes after this he was limping :-(   I am so upset. I hate it when he's hurting although he doesn't seen to be in any disomfort standing or walking.  We took him home straight away and I'm hoping to see the vet today so keep everything crossed!!

Sunday July 1st we are on the beautiful patio at Gervasi Winery. Joe on keys, Bry on bass and myself will begin at 5pm. Come early to secure your seats!

Hope to see you soon!


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