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Any ideas? Mum's FaceTime and "Some Enchanted Evening"

Hello to you all!

Well I'm beyond excited as this Wednesday I leave for the UK to see my family whom i've not seen for a year!!
Doug is staying here to take care of the Homestead and leave me to run riot and polish up my Julie Andrews accent!!

I'm also going to be reunited with my British band and will be performing at a jazz club in my home area on Tuesday May the 15th. The owner is worried about where he's going to put everyone which is very heart-warming to hear. I'm sure we'll work it out and a fun time will be had by all!

Mum and I have a busy itinerary, shopping, a walk on the beach, Indian food (which we all love), ten-pin bowling, a jazz-jam session, my gig, out with friends and my sister (Oh Lord look out!) and somewhere in there I will sleep!!

Mum bought an iPad recently which is pretty cool for a 78 year old She's been taking lessons at an Apple Store and has fallen for her instructor, a young lad names Shawn!! She said "it's worth going to the class just to look at Shawn....he's lovely!' Then she was given a Course Assessment Form to give feedback to Apple about her class. She asked me 'can I put "Shawn is yummy!" on it?!!!! We laughed and laughed! Since having the iPad we can now FaceTime which she thinks is magical once she's turned the screen upside down about 4 times and I've got dizzy she finally puts the iPad on the table and says "ah - there you are!...isn't this magical!"

It really is. Who would have thought that one day you would be able to have a conversation with relatives thousands of miles away AND see them too!!

WEBSITE - any suggestions?

I'm very excited that my new website is being developed as I type. I would like your thoughts and ideas on something.....

Nowadays it's very necessary to collect email addresses so one can reach out to fans and let them know about upcoming events. I hate the pop up boxes that are so prevalent on many websites and wish to avoid that. I WOULD like to do something fun to attract newbie or potential fans. Something that communicates the fun side of my personality, something that says 'when you join my mailing list you'll get silly stories every week that people seem to enjoy reading!" Something that communicates the fun we ALL have at my concerts, shows and local gigs. Do you have any ideas?

It could say "Hang with Helen" or "join Helen's Army' or 'Become part of the family' or....????
I WOULD LOVE your ideas and thoughts on this!

"Some Enchanted Evening" Sat May 19th

On my return i am thrilled to be part of a fund-raising event for "Partners for Theatre. An organization that promotes the development of live theatre arts in North East Ohio. We will be performing a cabaret of songs from Broadway musicals called "My Heart Belongs to Broadway" See this newsletter for details on how to get tickets and register for what will be a very elegant evening!

I will see you when I return from Ol' Blighty as we call it!

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